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• Installation of the Elon 100 should ONLY be performed by an electrical contractor registered with the Department of Labour (the so-called “wireman’s license”) and strictly according to the installation instructions in this manual. The electrician should provide you with a Certificate of Compliance (COC) once installation is completed.
• We strongly recommend that you use a reputable and experienced solar  photovoltaic (PV) system installer to install your solar PV modules.
• Solar PV modules exposed to the sun are live (i.e. will produce electricity) and can give an electric shock. Special care should be taken and only trained solar PV installers should install the modules.
• Do not attempt to alter or service the electrical installation, or open the Elon 100 unit or controller for any purpose.
• Use the Elon 100 only for its intended purpose.
• Always make sure that every wiring connection is properly tightened.
• Do not earth either of the solar module wires (but do earth the frames).
• All installation wiring should be at least 2.5mm².
• Avoid coiling, since DC switching can create damaging spikes.
• Keep all wires as short as possible.

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