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  • Transformer based
  • All in one, plug and play design for easy installation
  • Can be applied for DC coupling system, solar hybrid system and power backup system
  • Parallel and three phase capability
  • Typical 0ms UPS class transfer speed, max<2ms
  • Power assist & Power control to minish generator size & meet Grid limited
  • Inverter efficiency up to 96%
  • MPPT efficiency up to 98%
  • Harmonic distortion<2%
  • Extremely low status consumption power
  • High performance designed for all kinds of inductive load
  • TBB premium II battery charging management
  • With built in battery SOC estimation
  • Equalization charging program was available for flooded and OPZ battery
  • Lithium battery charging was available
  • Fully programmable by APP
  • Remote monitoring and control via Nova online portal.

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