Solar Solved Africa - Projects


We are regularly involved with various projects around the country providing all types of industries with our wide range of renewable energy products.

Below is a list of links which can be viewed containing pictures of our projects.

Project:   Cavalli Grundfos SQFlex Pump Installation

Project:   Koos de Waal, Fraserburg - Grundfos Solar Pump System

Project:  Albertus Clarance Solar System

Project:  Grundfos Solar Submersible Pump System for Irrigation

Project:  Lichtenburg Installasie

Project:  Pofadder

Project: Stanford Off-Grid Solar System

Project: 60KW Grid-Tie Solar System- Beaufort Wes 

Project: Spilpunt

Project: Koes, Namibia

Project: Ceres Sonstelsel 

Project: Kroonstad Solar Systems

Project: Trantech Distribution Windhoek, Namibia

Project: Thorne Solar Installation, Cape Town

Project: Stilbaai 

Project: Brandberg Electrical, Tsumeb, Namibia

Project: 20KW Solar Panels

Project: Boer maak 'n Plan

Project: Grundfos RSI Solar Pump Inverter - 11KW