Storion-SMILE 5

Storion-SMILE 5 is the third generation of energy storage system developed independently by Alpha ESS. It is named "SMILE", which is derived from the five unique features and characteristics of the system:

“S”—— Self Sufficient

The system is connected to a photovoltaic power generation system to ensure that the 24-hour home energy supply is self-sufficient。

“M”——Modulated Battery

Inverter and battery are separate modular and the system is the whole integration of all components. The system adapts a 5kW inverter and one single battery energy is 5.7kwh. The whole system supports 1-6 battery expansion

“I”——Intelligent Control

The system identifies the on grid output and adjusts the output power accordingly. It can also identity on/off grid mode and automatically switch the modes. The integrated Alpha Cloud is built for real-time network monitoring and management, it supports remote controlling, on/off grid identification and completes automatic switching

“L”——Long Service

Alpha ESS provides users with 5-year warranty for the whole system and 10 years warranty for battery performance.

“E”——Elegant Design

The appearance of SMILE 5 is a combination of futuristic look and a sense of home. It is sleek and elegant and really enhances on the user experiences.

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